Our family is a fun, creative bunch…even down to the canine members! Come and get to know The Gang a bit more as you peruse these pages full of fun stories, videos, photos and more!



Our “Welcome Waggin'” crew (from L to R) Chubbs, Smooches (now known as “Meg”), Pip, and Gabe (5 months old)


  1. Monica Wandel says:

    My daughter found your site as we adopted a beautiful bulldog pup this past year. My daughter was diagnosed with cervical cancer and she was so down. She told me the ONLY thing that would make her happy was a bulldog. After much thorough searching (and weeding through the con artists), she found a legitimate breeder. The expense seemed astronomical at the time for me, but you cannot put a price tag on happiness. I can honestly say, after being partial to German shepherds and owning a few, I have fallen madly in love with the English bulldog breed. There is not one person that doesn’t smile when s/he sees our girl, Reign! I love your site. I appreciate you sharing. I felt compelled to share your love of this fantastic dog!

    • Cheryl says:

      Thanks for taking the time to share your kind comments! And what a wonderful story about your daughter and the new joy of her life (and yours!), Reign! As you see from Gabe’s website there are a ton of fun ways to grow in your relationship with your new Bulldog (and BTW–kudos on doing your homework to find a reputable breeder!) Bulldogs are very smart, fun and can be quite athletic and able to play in all sorts of fun doggy sports. I will be praying that your daughter’s cancer has the same happy ending that mine had–and that she will have many years to enjoy her new friend (and possibly many more to follow! 😉

  2. Kimberly Stoner- Short says:

    I am a dog advocate. And I love it that your dogs are such a big part if your family. Does Gabe get to be a get dirty, playing outdoors kind of dog? I’d like to see pictures of him doing that kind of stuff, just every day ordinary stuff. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.?

    • Cheryl says:

      Yes, he sure does! Gabe is first of all a member of my family and he goes with me pretty much everywhere I go–if I’m out in the yard he loves to be my “helper”! :) In fact, if I have the wheelbarrow out he insists on getting chauffeured around in it! He loves playing with his Jolly Ball as well as a good game of tug with the boys when they come to visit. In the hot summer months we keep a kiddie pool with cool water available for he and the other bullies to cool off in. We have friends who come over for play times and we go to their house regularly. Life is fun for Mr. Gabe and family!

  3. Stormy Goodknight says:

    We have in our family an English Bulldog named Winslow! He brings such joy to our lives…thank you so much for sharing yours with everyone. Can’t get enough Bully love!

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