GaBe’s SToRY

Sittingbullies Glad Tidings, aka “Gabe”

My little “Christmas gift”–Gabe, weighed in at just under one pound when he arrived a few days before the Christmas of 2006. It’s hard to believe this solid 65-pound boy used to fit in my hands, but being his breeder makes all that he has accomplished even sweeter!



“My Unexpected Gift”

During the spring of 2006 I was given a beautiful red-and-white piebald female from a breeder-friend who saw her potential as an obedience prospect. One of the other females in her kennel had taken to bullying her, and she asked if I might be interested in taking her on as a performance prospect. Since I no longer had a female to breed, I was also excited about having something to carry on my kennel and this flashy, smart little girl seemed like a great addition. And so it was that 8-month old “Pip” came home with me.




Gabe’s mother, Beautibully Sittingbullies Pip CD RE



Pip soon fit right in, eager to learn and gaining confidence from my sweet older girl, Chubbs.

Unfortunately, Pip developed a serious uterine infection following her first heat cycle. We were able to get it under control, but the vet (as well as other respected breeders) recommended that she either be bred–or spayed–by her next heat cycle.







Being such a beautiful girl, we decided we would go ahead and breed her, and when her next cycle came around she was paired with a handsome champion white male, co-owned by her breeder. Ch Sandy Ridge White Bear was already establishing himself as a wonderful stud who produced lovely pups with incredible brains and athleticism. Pip’s litter of three was no exception, and Gabe and his two sisters arrived just a few days before Christmas 2006.

Gabe’s sire, Ch Sandy Ridge White Bear





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  1. Marie says:

    Gabes so cute i have a english bulldog and shes so cute im a bulldog lover i love them so much

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