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 My first bulldog opened up a whole new world to me as I began competing in AKC obedience and other dog sports. Each of my dogs have had their own individual personalities and quirks, but all have been very bright and eager learners.


With just a little consistent training, always presented with a good dose of fun and frequent rewards, my pups have “learned to learn” right from the start, and quickly become a cherished member of the family. And there’s nothing so fun and rewarding as having a good, working relationship with your canine friend!


My brother, Allan, comforted me years ago after the loss of my very special little Pug named Wanda. With words of wisdom that have proven themselves many times since, he told me that even though this one special dog was gone, I was sure to have another–as it was my training and influence as a devoted master who helped to make her what she was. As in any other worthwhile endeavor, you get what you put into it. That little flat-faced urchin left her mark on me as well, and my breed of choice nowadays is a sort of “Pug on Steroids”!


I hope you enjoy getting to know The Gang as you read about the antics of each of our dogs and learn about their various accomplishments. If so, the ones who have gone on will continue to bring joy and share smiles for many more years.




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  1. dana caudill says:

    Hello Cheryl, My name is Dana and we just got our first bulldog named Tank. He is just 9 weeks old. We are very eager to make sure we raise this lil guy to be a happy and eager learner. We have never owned a bulldog before but we have done research. He has only been home for a week now. We are struggling a little on the crtae training and some potty issues. I have talk to Carmen a few times and she has given us some pointers. She was great. I was hoping if you also had any suggestions on potty and crate training that would be awsome. I would like to come on out and meet you, also, Carmen in the near future to see how you work your magic. Thank you so much for your time. Dana and Frank Caudill

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