Our newest star, Sittingbullies Just Ducky!


aka “Ducky” (or “Duxster” as her Dad calls her!)


Our girl, “Ducky” has been learning the ropes from her Grandpa,

Gabe– including all of his trademark tricks!  Check out  her

Grand Prize-winning  trick video entry in

the Adams Smart Pets Contest!



Ducky is a “granddogger” of our special boy, Gabe, and I knew the moment she was handed to me that she was my “keeper”! I had secretly prayed for a flashy red & white piebald girl…with lots of color over the white, a patch over each eye (including the striking black markings around each eye like her Great-Granddam, Pip)…and a nice tail–and boy did I get just what I asked for!

Ducky came along a few months after losing our BCA Hall of Fame Performance girl, Chubbs, and she didn’t waste any time getting started on her training with her “Papa Gabe” as mentor! These two had a connection from Day 1 and Gabe was right there helping with the babies as soon as their Momma Angel would permit him to! It’s amazing to watch this big, hunky boy lay down on the floor and ever-so-gently nudge the pups to encourage them to play as soon as they’re up on their feet. He gradually plays rougher as they mature and as soon as they start getting “cocky” he teaches them to respect his things (ie. bones or tug toys), flaunting the item in front of their face and growling like a grizzly bear! The pups know he’s All-Bark-And-No-Bite and they respond by giving him a face washing!

2.5wk.DuckySmooch4Gpa_mDucky, just 2.5 weeks old, gives her Papa Gabe a smooch!

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