Rosie, Our Original “Sitting Bull”

August 1, 1989 – August 12, 2001


It all started with Rosie. A plain, long-nosed, big, “old style” bulldog, “My Little Red Rose Bud CDX CGC” was a true canine comedienne. The runt in a litter of 11 puppies, she was sired by Ch. Raylynn’s My Big Red Man, out of an older-style bitch.

We brought her home at 10 weeks and she quickly assumed her position as one of our “children”. She would watch our four young sons participating in various activities, and then proceed to imitate them. I was a stay-at-home mom and she was always with us. All it took was me encouraging and “fine-tuning” her natural silly antics, and she blossomed into a full-fledged ham.

Rosie began riding the skateboard within a couple days of joining our family. She loved to climb on top of things, like an elephant in the circus – and she did it all with a big smile on her face. One day at six months old I set our son’s rocking horse in the middle of the room and she proceeded to climb aboard and straddle it. It took me two days to teach her to put her paws on the handles and use her weight to rock back and forth…her most unique trick was born. She wasn’t allowed to beg at the table during meals, but she developed “creative begging” techniques…she would open and close her crate door, go over and hop on her horse or close any door we had left open.



Rosie was featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos (watch for her brief cameo above) in what was one of their most popular music montages and won second place, including the $3000 cash prize and a trip to Hollywood on America’s Funniest People (she even had her own dressing room at ABC!) …and she was barely over a year old at the time!

Rosie was my first competition obedience dog and she showed the crowds
that bulldogs could run with the Big Dogs. She was 4- 1/2 by the time I started showing her in competitive obedience, and she always placed (in all-breed competition) with  scores in the mid-to-upper 190’s (a perfect score is 200). Rosie’s favorite part of the show was when they handed out the ribbons and clapped. She was #1 obedience bulldog the first and only year I showed her. We finished our CD & CDX in the same year and I didn’t know how to go about training for utility, so that was where we stopped.

I couldn’t afford classes, so it was always a matter of learning as we went along. We would practice with friends from the local kennel club who had put obedience titles on their dogs. Rosie was quick to pick up any new lesson and did it with pizzazz. My biggest problem was her anticipating what to do before I gave the command!

She entertained crowds at nursing homes and kids birthday parties and was
always a big ham. She loved to perform! Often I would sit back and watch her go through her entire repertoire of tricks. Even up to the end, arthritic, deaf and nearly blind, she would still try and do her stuff when a crowd was around- so much that we sent another video off to Purina’s Beggin’ Strips Stupid Dog Trick Contest -and she won…at 11 years old!!!  She was  featured in our local newspaper and news station several times. She made the world laugh and she was a faithful friend. We miss our little Rose Bud, but she will never be forgotten.



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