Bulldogs have the grrreatest expressions!…and in agility these “micro-expressions” happen so quickly you don’t always notice them until the photographer posts her daily “catch”. One thing I’ve discovered through these “photo finish” results is how often Gabe jumps or tackles other obstacles with his eyes closed! Guess he thinks agility is as easy as falling off a log! Enjoy these fun cameos of Gabe sportin’ his agility ‘tude!





                                      “Whad’ya mean WAIT!…I’ve got a course to run!”










   Drats!…There goes my “Q”.












        Hey! Look at me…I can do a Handstand!”











Mwwaahh! Time to kiss these Weaves “Good-bye”!












W-w-which way did she go?!!












                   Agility Warrior!


                          I got this!








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