Gabe Rocks!..Literally. And, he’s on a roll, too, as he skateboards and scoots his way into your heart. A natural canine comedian and entertainer, you’ll be amazed at what this talented guy can do!

Check out Gabe’s moves:


Ride ‘Em CowBull! Gabe’s most unique and difficult trick is his ability to ride a child’s rocking horse. Fondly referred to as “Ol’ Sliver”, Gabe deftly flips his Trusty Steed upright when laid on its side, then swings up into the saddle, placing his paws on the handles, feet on his “stirrup-pegs”, and proceeds to rock! When faced with a pair of faux six-shooters, Gabe feigns a “Stick ’em up” with paws in the air, balancing in his saddle with the seat of a seasoned cowhand.


Hangin’ Fifteen!  One of the tricks that attracts the most attention from onlookers is when Gabe cruises down the street on his skateboard. Gabe has inherited that “warped prey drive” typical of many Bulldogs and when The Board is brought out, all else fades into the background. It’s an obsession. Truth be told, it’s more of a trick getting the skateboard away from him than getting him to ride it!


The Royal Flush! Gabe is quite the helper around the house and he makes sure the toilet bowl is kept tidy by enforcing the Frequent Flusher technique. My oh my, I don’t know what we’d do without his “help”!



A BoOT-SCoOTiN’ BuLLY, Gabe glides right along on his very own kick scooter! This amazing trick combines some of the difficult elements of both his horse and skateboard riding, showcasing his incredible balance and coordination.


Here’s our BoOT-SCoOTiN’ BuLLY with some of his cute, scootin’ Girlie-Friends!


Watch for the little French Stowaway at the end of this debut video of Gabe’s latest amazing trick!





  1. Patty Newell says:

    I am a big fan of Gabe and his owner/trainer. I have a bully too — Zeke — so I know how stubborn a Bulldog can be. Thumbs up!

  2. andrew says:

    really great site sweet pics

  3. Edwina Best says:

    Gabe is the BEST!

  4. Jane Anderson says:

    Gabe is amazing! He is so smart but I also know it takes a lot of consistent training to do tricks like that? I also have an English Bulldog puppy. Her name is Daisy and she is almost 4 years old. How did Gabe learn how to do all that? How did you train her, any advice or books that might help me train my bulldog, Daisy? Daisy is my third Bulldog. After our 1st Bulldog, we fell in love and won’t get any other breed.

    Thanks, so much and if you can give me advice on where to go or what to read I would love it! Gabe is sooooooo cute! I love watching him!

    Kindest Regards,

    Jane Anderson

  5. Marsha in Arizona says:

    Thank you for a video that made me laugh! Laughter is good medicine :)
    You are an amazing person to be so good at training Gabe. I totally fell in love with him! Good job, God’s blessings over you and yours :^D

  6. Tiew says:

    No dount, Gabe can do it all.

  7. Karen in Minnesota says:

    Gabe is the best! You must be a very talented trainer. I have 2 Bull dogs. They know the basic tricks and one has his CGC but I don’t think I could ever teach them to do all of Gabe’s tricks. So impressive.

  8. Pete Duffy says:

    That was amazing…. Gives us bulldog owners hope… Tank won’t do anything if there isn’t food Being offered

  9. Jon Davis says:

    Loved this! Saw it on at

    However, I was horrified when “chocolatey brownies” were given to the dog. Dogs can’t eat chocolate, it’s POISON! Glad the dog’s okay but please stop doing that. (Unless that was a joke, in which case, ehm, har har.)

    • Cheryl says:

      No worries, Jon!–If you read the video description on YouTube, you’d know that “NO BROWNIES WERE GIVEN TO GABE”…I gave him a “dog-friendly” treat when he brought me the milk (and didn’t think about how it looked when I was recording it) :)

  10. val says:

    Kudos to you for putting in all that time and effort to train this wonderful dog you have. My hat is off to you!!! (and Gabe)! You two made me smile in admiration.

  11. rea says:

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