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  1. luc says:

    super rare to see a bull as obedient
    luc (belgium)

    • Cheryl says:

      With lots of encouragement and positive training all of my Bulldogs have been very easy to train and fun to work with. You can meet some of the others under our “About Me” section. I start training my Bulldogs as soon as they are toddling around and it’s amazing what they can learn! Check out Gabe’s granddaughter, “Just Ducky!” and you can see how much they can learn in just the first year of their life. Ducky’s video was filmed when she was 14 months old and was selected as the Grand Prize winner in the Adams Smart Pets Contest.

  2. hi family of gabe and gabe himself.. im a big fan, i live in the philippines. been searching around about videos of talented dogs but GABE STOOD OUT.. im really a fan of him, i cant believe he exists.. just want to show some love and care for gabe!! im so happy for him he is just adorable and talented, and he owe it all to you, his family.. thanks for the videos and this site, i will always be stalking around :) im so inlove with GABE hope i could MARRY GABE!

  3. Will says:

    Mind if i ask we have two 1 year old bullies.. (bruce and pearl) how do you keep Gabe’s chin from turning brown…

    • Cheryl says:

      Feeding him a good quality food that agrees with him helps. For a time I used a product called Tylan to help with the staining, but after switching to a different food they haven’t returned!

  4. Brian says:

    Just found out from our breeder that Gabe is our pups great uncle. There is a lot of talent in these blood lines. Dublin says you rock uncle Gabe.

    • Cheryl says:

      You must be talking about Bea Page who has Gabe’s litter-sister, Moxie! Your pup has to be one of Tipsy’s puppies–and Tipsy is Moxie’s daughter, so yes indeed, that would make Gabe Dublin’s Great Uncle! :)

    • Cheryl says:

      Thanks for stopping by Dublin! We look forward to hearing of YOUR exploits as you start your own career and continue the family legacy!

  5. Christina Holmes says:

    Hello! My name is Christina and Trucker is my 18 month old bully boy. I found our he was totally deaf when her was about 3 months old and immediately stated training him by hand & light pulses, which picked up almost instantly. My children and I came across a video of Gabe one day and fell in love with him! You have an amazing, hilarious and inspirational crew over there at Sitting Bullies.

    Trucker shows a lot of interest in skate boards but I can’t seem to get the process right to teach him to go for it. Do you have any tips, tricks, or suggestions on a good way to get Trucker started on the skateboard?

    Also, Truck, the kids, and I are ready to bring another Bull baby home. It’s there any possibility of connecting with your breeder? Your family is so incredible and I know that means that you are both unconditionally devoted to eachother and that you must also have a respectable and trustworthy breeder, which can be very hard to find.

    Thank you so much for putting your family “out there” for the world to enjoy! It is so inspirational to see what true love between people and dogs can create.

  6. Sandi Sonsie says:

    Loved the video — What a smart, handsome boy Gabe is!

    In the clip about the chocolate brownie & Gabe retrieving milk from the fridge for you — I’m hoping that you’re NOT feeding Gabe chocolate in any form as it’s toxic to dogs, destroying their liver & leads to their demise. (I felt compelled to ask; don’t want to assume you’re aware of this as many dog owners are unaware.)

    • Cheryl says:

      Thanks Sandi, and no fear! Of course Gabe wasn’t given the brownies–they were for ME! :) He got a nice piece of meat as a treat–though I didn’t realize when filming the clip that it might appear like he was getting the brownies!

  7. Adele Pretorius says:

    Thanks for posting such cute videos and photos it made my day! I started crying realizing how bulldogs can make you love them so much… my grandmother had 2 as I was growing up… my 2 best friends as a child.. cant wait to have another someday!

  8. Kevin says:

    Great work with Gabe. I’ve had 3 bullies. So I can only imagine how much work the two of you have done to get to this point.

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