It was another GRRrrReaT day in AGiLiTY for ThE GaBeSTeR today, as he wowed the crowd and brought home another “BLuE & a Q” earning his first OPeN AGiLiTY PReFeRReD leg. (The above photo is actually from a past show, but you’ve gotta love his determined expression, huh?!)

Gabe ran a clean run and was 10 seconds under the allowed time for his run. This was our first time running at an outdoor trial, and we just missed a horrendous downpour by a couple hours. The poor dogs in the Excellent class weren’t so lucky. By the time we entered the ring, the grass was cool, the sun warm, and conditions were pretty perfect. Let’s hope we can keep this up through the rest of the week-end and we just may come home with another new title!

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