In late February 2009, just after his second birthday, Gabe was entered in the Evergreen Winter Seiger (shows) and came away an International Champion. The photo below shows the traditional medals given at these events for Best of Breed and Group wins as well as his lovely “Reserve Best in Show Bred By Exhibitor” ribbon!


 (Michael Phelps eat your heart out!)

For an International Championship dogs are measured against the standard for their breed rather than defeating other dogs. To earn their championship, a dog must receive 3 top (V-1) ratings by three different judges (licensed in at least two different countries). As they assess each dog, the judge also writes a critique that is given to the owner as they exit the ring.

Clubs sponsor a week-end cluster of three or four separate shows, assuring competitors the proper mix of judges, so that any dog who is a good specimen for their breed should be able to earn their title within one week-end of showing. Besides their individual rating, dogs are also judged against any others in their breed, with winners going on to Group and Best in Show judging.

In addition to the usual Best in Show award, these shows also honor the Best Bred by Exhibitor entry, along with Reserve BIS & BBBE. With much smaller entries, a nice dog has a good chance of Group placements–or even obtaining top honors for the show.



The following are excerpts of the judges’ critiques for Gabe from this fun show week-end:

  • Edna St. Hilaire (CAN):
  • “Beautiful dog, well presented…lovely young dog/good potential…beautiful balance…correct undershot (jaw)…good shoulder layback/neck…good set (eyes/ears)…powerful movement!”

  • Luane Williams (USA):
  • “Very free moving…very intense expression…balanced…good set (tail)”

  • Don Dvorak (USA):
  • “Sturdy-strong…nice brick (head)…round & well-set (eyes)…nice roach (topline)…correct (tail)… good roll (movement)”

  • Richard Camacho (USA):
  • “Well balanced breed…good side movement…well presented…good & tight (coat)…breed type head.. set well/well-placed (eyes)…well laid back (front angulation)correct rear…excellent topline”


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