Gabe’s first commercial shoot was a promo spot for Insight Schools, an online high school. It was his first paid gig after winning the 2008 Worldwide Fido Awards. The animal agent wasn’t able to be there at the last minute, so I had to run with it. Fortunately all of his obedience training as well as his experience on the Fido set helped everything come together pretty smoothly–except for Gabe’s heroic leap off of a 4′ platform to chase off a “burglar” (slinking around behind a curtain) at one point during the shoot! Fortunately no one (or dog) was harmed in the filming of this spot!



“Big Brother” Jake’s creative juices are always churning and this submission for the 2009 “Crash the Superbowl” Doritos commercial contest was no exception! This entry featured Gabe and The Girls–Pip & Chubbs–along with Jake’s popular nerd character, “Edward Gibbs”.  Jake not only acted as the main character, he wrote, filmed, edited & produced the flick–doing everything except the animal training! Talent runs in the fam for sure! This clip was entitled, “A Trick for A Treat”…




With two family members working for Barlean’s Organic Oils, Gabe enjoys the benefits of many of their wonderful products, including Barlean’s Flax Oil for Animals and Barlean’s Greens. Gabe heartily endorses these items, along with their other nutritious and delectable products. He had fun starring in this promo commercial for their NEW Olive Throat Spray. This clip was produced and filmed by yet another talented son, Marcus Knapp, who worked as a Barlean’s Customer Service Rep.




In January 2012 we entered this submission in the PetHub Commercial Contest under their 1-Minute Category. After several weeks of voting “Gabe’s Adventures with PetHub”–featuring many of Gabe’s extreme tricks–was awarded the $500 First Place Prize in its category. This video was filmed and edited by my talented son, Jake Knapp and co-stars his stepson, Taylor Smeltzer.






 The Knapp Brothers 2012 “Crash The Super Bowl” Doritos submission entitled “The Babysitter” again featured the award-winning team of Gabe and Taylor. Written and Directed by son Micah, with his brother Jake working alongside as Director of Photography and editor, this clip garnished a fair share of attention among the thousands of entries in this popular contest. 






  1. Ellen Sandy says:

    Hello, While admiring Gabe, I noticed how white his face is all the time. Do you have any secrets? Thanks, Ellen

    • Cheryl says:

      Gabe eats a raw diet with chicken, veggies and a small amount of cooked oats/potatoes. Before he was on this diet I put him on Tylan powder (1/8 tsp. once a day for 2 wks, then once a week to maintain) so that he could look his best for his movie/TV work and breed showing. Since he’s been on this raw diet he hasn’t needed the Tylan :) One thing about Tylan, though–it tastes horrible and you have to “hide” it well!

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