Oh! The places you’ll go!

You’ll be on your way up!

You’ll be seeing great sights!

You’ll join the High Fliers

who soar to high heights!

                                          -Dr. Seuss

Gabe has had the pleasure (mutual, I might add!) of meeting some pretty special people over the years. Here are some fun snapshots of Gabe with some of the world’s “High Fliers”




Gabe and I onstage with actor Fred Willard, host of the 2008 Worldwide Fido Awards.


Gabe visits Mickey’s star on The Walk of Fame during his October 2008 visit to Hollywood.









Posing with Albie Hecht, CEO of Worldwide Biggies (former President of Nickelodeon Entertainment) and Fred Willard after being crowned the “2008 Worldwide Fido”.

Gabe and I with one of the 2008 WWF celebrity judges, Tamar Geller.



Gabe meets “Godzilla” along Hollywood’s Walk of Fame during his October 2008 visit.




Gabe takes a bow with Jesse, the talented JRT who was among the four Semi-Finalists in the “Best Trick” category of the WWF Awards.




Judges, Tamar Geller, Kevin Nealon & Vivica Fox with Host, Fred Willard during the dress rehearsal for The 2008 Worldwide Fido Awards (look for Gabe between/behind the dogs on the right)



Gabe poses with co-stars Chris Parnell and William Cuddy during a break in filming the 2010 family comedy, “The Dogfather”.



Gabe with L-R: Dax Ravina, Director Richard Boddington, Gerry Medicino & Tony Nappa on the set of “The Dogfather”.



A Don and his Dog! Actor Gerry Mendicino and his sidekick, Gabe while filming “The Dogfather”.

Gabe takes a break with actress Sarah Jackson & friends between scenes of “The Dogfather”.



A delighted David Letterman congratulates Gabe and I after our performance on The Late Show in May 2012.



Fellow Doggy Stars, Geronimo the Double-Dutch Dog and Nana the Border Collie pose with Gabe in front of David Letterman’s infamous desk after performing a Stupid Pet Trick segment in May 2012.

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