ThE LaTE SHoW with DaViD LeTTeRMaN!

 On May 2, 2012 Gabe and I were invited to perform on The Late Show with David Letterman in one of his classic “Stupid Pet Tricks” segments. Mr. Letterman was so impressed by Gabe’s rocking horse trick that the clip was aired again a couple days later, along with some very flattering commentary by Dave.

Watch Gabe saddle up “Ol’ Sliver” for a ride on The Late Show stage, as Paul Shaffer and his orchestra play the classic “Bonanza” theme:

Leavin’ On a Jet Plane:

 In the fall of 2011, just after we got back from our trip to New York to appear on Good Morning America, I came across a Late Show advertisement soliciting unique pet tricks for their popular Stupid Pet Tricks segment. I sent off an email with a link to Gabe’s video, along with a note describing his most unique rocking-horse riding trick and then promptly forgot about it. Since they only feature these segments a couple times a year, we would wait several months before receiving a phone call from their Talent Coordinator, Ryan Williams. It was Friday, April 27, and Ryan wanted to know if Gabe and I would be available to fly out the following week to appear on the show. I hurriedly cleared the dates with my boss, made an appointment for Gabe at the vet’s to get a health certificate, and a couple days later we were packing our bags for yet another trip across the country!

Gabe “supervises” to be sure Ol’ Sliver is properly corralled for his journey to the East Coast.







After an uneventful flight across the country with Gabe snoozing contentedly at my feet, we were met by a private limo which delivered us to the hotel the night before the Big Audition was to take place. We were put up at the fabulous Dream Hotel, complements of Dave & Company–just around the corner from The Ed Sullivan Theater where the show is filmed.

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