It takes a village to make a dog what he is! Gabe and I would like to honor some of those who have been instrumental in preparing us for the journey we’ve been on, and have helped shape what we have become. Much credit and many thanks goes to these “unsung heroes”…our Inspirations!


Jeanne McClelland

“Auntie” Jeanne has some cuddle time with her girls, Angel and Gabby

There is only a small window of opportunity to accomplish the goals you have with a dog, and many things that can deter you along the way. You might have a dog who is a sound, smart and willing learner, as well as the knowledge and skill to train them, yet none of this will prove fruitful unless you have the financial means to pursue those goals during those few prime years.

We are blessed to have Gabe’s “Auntie” Jeanne in our lives, and much of what we have accomplished is due to her generosity and encouragement as our sponsor. Because of her, we are able to focus on training and perfecting our skills and have been able to enter all manner of competitions when ready–without the worry of financial limitations to hold us back. Jeanne is also “Mom” to two of Gabe’s daughters, Angel & Gabby. Thank-you Jeanne for being a wonderful friend and for helping our dreams become reality!

Pattie Moon

Gabe shares a special moment with his mentor, Pattie

I have known and respected Pattie since we were members of the Doggone 4-H Club in our youth. We are now members of the Chuckanut Dog Training Association, where Pattie has repeatedly been the recipient of our club’s “Most Inspirational” Award. And for good reason, too! Pattie has a wealth of wonderful advise on a multitude of doggy events and has earned titles in everything from advanced obedience, agility and tracking, to earthdog, sheepdog and breed championships! Pattie generously gives of her time to share this expertise with others and we have been among those privileged to learn from her.

A couple years ago Pattie initiated a gathering for those interested in learning the art of tracking, and Gabe and I had our introduction into this sport during these wonderful times. We also took our first foray into the agility ring with her as instructor. We cherish the tools and tidbits gleaned from spending time with Pattie, and know that much of our success in the ring has come from the seeds that she has sown. Thanks Pattie…and we hope to continue to do you proud!

Marian Snapp

Gabe gives a High-Five to his Chief Agility Instructor, Marian Snapp

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