A versatile and athletic boy, Gabe loves learning new skills and is currently active in competitive Obedience, Agility, Rally, Lure Coursing, Carting, Tracking and Therapy Dog visits, as well as being a multi-champion in the breed ring!


 Can & Int Ch Sittingbullies Glad Tidings


Gabe is shown with his “haul” from a successful day of showing in both the breed and obedience rings, earning his first major as well as one of his CDX legs on the same day!

*Click here to see Gabe’s Pedigree*



Gabe had his debut in performance at just 6 months of age, when he earned his first Rally Novice leg with a nice score of 98/100, also netting him a 2nd place in his class at an all-breed show. He quickly completed the remaining two legs, garnishing placements along the way, and by 7-1/2 months had added the “RN” suffix to his name.


Gabe has currently earned the following titles:


  • International Champion
  • Canadian Champion
  • Gabe has 10 points (including one major) towards his AKC Championship


  • Rally Novice–“RN”
  • Rally Advanced–“RA”
  • Rally Excellent–“RE”



  • Novice Agility Preferred–“NAP”
  • Novice Agility Jumper Preferred–“NJP”
  • Open Agility Preferred–“OAP”
  • NADAC:
  • Novice Agility Certificate–“NAC”
  • Tunnelers Novice title–“TN-N”
  • Gabe has two legs towards his TouchNGo Novice title–“TG-N”

Lure Coursing:

  • Coursing Ability
  • Gabe currently has 5 legs (of 10 required) for his Coursing Ability Advanced title


  • Gabe earned his Herding Instinct Certificate on April 21, 2012


  • Novice Draft Dog (Bernese Mtn Dog Club of America)
  • CKC Draft Dog Title

Canine Good Citizen

Therapy Dog International:

  • Gabe is certified with Therapy Dogs International and is currently working towards his AKC “ThD” (Therapy Dog) title

Health Clearances:

  • BCA Platinum Health Ambassador
  • BCA Health Pioneer




  1. Edwina Best says:

    Gabe Rocks! He is sooooo amazing and such a handsome boy!

    • Tilak says:

      Great videos. I’ve been wactihng some on you tube’ but decided to come here. Very grateful for all your sharing, you seem to have so much fun and clearly the relationship between you and Gabe is a great one. I got a rescue dog after my last one died. He was just nine months when we got him. I’ve lost a lot of the puppy years for training purposes. He’s come on a bundle in a fairly short time. We’ve now had him just over 6 months. I feel under pressure to catch up but some of the dog trainers say I push him too hard and that he’s only young.Clicker training I’m not very familiar with but I’m starting and your videos help a lot. So, a big, big thanks.

      • Cheryl says:

        I don’t think a dog is ever too young! You just have to keep it short, fun and rewarding and they learn to love doing new things with you! Good luck and above all, have fun with your boy!

  2. Matt says:

    What a great dog! I’ve never seen a Bulldog as well behaved and versatile as Gabe. It must be the hardest breed to work with on that front. Cute web site and very entertaining. I first saw Gabe when his appearance on Letterman was put on YouTube.

    All the best, a Bulldog fan in Norway

    • Cheryl says:

      Thanks for your kind comments Matt! My Grandfather was born in Norway and I have lots of cousins over there :)

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