Gabe had his first introduction to sheep when he was just 6 months old during our Chuckanut Dog Training Club’s annual “sheep herding day” at member Jan Wesen’s farm. Each dog had an opportunity to test their instinct towards sheep and Gabe thought it was pretty fun stuff!







With his stubby nose, kinky tail and chunky white body, Gabe shared quite a resemblance with a certain porcine star!


…”At’ll do Gabe!”



















The Herding Instinct Test is a rudimentary evaluation to determine whether or not a dog has a natural interest in the sheep. Gabe had no training prior to this–other than a few opportunities to be around sheep and become more familiar with them so that his prey drive wouldn’t be in hyper-mode! Once he got over his “Mommy Fixation” (he’s not used to having someone else handle him but it was a requirement for the test) and his “Camera Magnetism”, he set to putting those sheep in their place! He had the onlookers in stitches as he kept stopping to pose for the cameras–once an entertainer, always an entertainer!…But he passed!

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