Lure coursing used to be an event only for the swift, lean sight hound breeds, but the AKC recently developed a new titling event, the Coursing Ability Test for all breeds to enjoy.


Gabe spies the lure as it is released and he swiftly gives chase!



To earn the title a dog must follow the lure around a course–600 yards long for larger dogs, or 300 yards for dogs under 12″ and/or brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds. This is a non-competitive pass/fail event modeled after traditional lure coursing, and the course must be completed with enthusiasm and without interruption within the allotted time (2 minutes for a 600 yd. course and 1-1/2 minutes for a 300 yd. course).


Gabe is determined to catch his “bunny”!



Designed for the safety of all manner of dog breeds, the courses can have no turns sharper than 90 degrees. Each dog is inspected to be sure they are sound and in good health prior to running in an event.


You can run, but you can’t hide, Little Bunny!


A dog must have three passing runs (with only one run allowed per event) in order to obtain the first level title and add the “CA” (Coursing Ability) suffix to their name. Ten passes earns them the title of “Coursing Ability Advanced” or “CAA”, and twenty-five runs nets them the “Coursing Ability Excellent” or “CAX” title. A dog may continue to run and can add numbers to the previous title for each 25 passing runs (ie 50 passes=CAX2)



On Saturday, August 20, 2011, Gabe ran in his very first Coursing Ability Test. Having no prior training or experience, he immediately lunged after the lure upon its release and continued in hot pursuit for the entire 300 yard course, earning his first CA leg!






  1. maruta says:

    Gabe is worthy, BUT! I’d probably run a DNA on him. Must be some sighthound somewhere in the distant pedigree.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Well Maruta…would you believe that it is the sighthound who has BULLDOG in its distant pedigree? At least that was what I was told by some greyhound enthusiasts :) Apparently they bred them with bulldogs to increase their drive and tenacity for the chase…

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