Once you have established a good, working relationship with your dog, you can pursue the more challenging but very rewarding goal of putting an obedience title on your dog. Obedience is the foundation of almost all other canine performance sports, and I feel is the epitome of teamwork between dog and handler.


There is less room for error in the obedience ring and a dog must respond promptly the first time a command is given. The dog must learn to focus on its handler, no matter what distraction or temptation may arise. While it can seem like a monumental feat to a beginner, consistency and practice pays off and can be extremely rewarding when you’ve fulfilled the requirements for an obedience title.
Gabe displays the classic focus that has helped him earn multiple performance titles as well as top placements in all-breed competition.





There are three basic levels of training in obedience:

Companion Dog: This is the first level of training. It is also referred to as “Novice” Obedience.

Companion Dog Excellent: The middle level of training–also known as “Open” Obedience.

Utility Dog: The top-level of training

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Each dog enters the ring with a perfect 200 score and points are deducted for any imperfections in heeling–such as lagging behind or forging ahead, crooked sits, slow responses, etc. A dog receives a qualifying score in obedience when it earns more than 50 percent of the points for each exercise, with a total of at least 170 points. A perfect score in any class is 200, and a dog must earn 3 qualifying scores, or “legs”, to earn a title at that particular level. 

While qualifying scores are all that is required to earn an obedience leg, dogs are also judged against the competition for placements. Ribbons are awarded for 1st-4th place, as well as special awards for the Highest Scoring Dog in Trial (HIT) and High Combined Score in the Open & Utility Classes (HC). Many bulldogs are able to offer stiff competition in all breed obedience trials!



BCA HOF Beefeater’s Amazin’ Grace of SBK UDX CGC, owned and trained by Cheryl Knapp displays some of her winnings.

Gracie was a multiple High In Trial and High Combined Score winning bulldog.


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