10 Reasons Why The German Shepherd Is A Perfect Dog For The Family

The German shepherd is one of the best breeds to keep in the family. In fact, he is considered a good apartment dog mainly because of his quiet nature and his responsible and caring temperament.

The German Shepherd Is An Intelligent Dog Breed

The largest percentage of police dogs in the world are German shepherds. They are a very intelligent dog breed, they are obedient and can be easily trained.

In any case, if you are not an expert, it is always good to turn to professionals, who will offer the best advice for a fast and optimal training.

German shepherds respect their master and protect them.

The German shepherd is a very caring example and has a protective attitude towards his masters.

Appropriate training will allow him to develop in the best possible way his nature as a watchdog: the dog will love, care for and respect his owners, also protecting them from intruders.

It is no coincidence that the German shepherd is the police dog par excellence, capable of carrying out numerous tasks of great responsibility.

The German Shepherd has great energy potential.

The energy levels of the German shepherd are very high. These serve to keep the animal from getting tired early.

This breed is in fact averse to boredom: it constantly needs to keep moving and take long walks.

Your children will therefore be able to play with the dog as much as possible, which is good for both the development of the German Shepherd puppy and for them, as they will both mature from an early stage in their training.

The German Shepherd is loyal and can learn and do almost anything.

German shepherds are a very loyal dog breed: if well trained, they know how to protect and serve their family. They can be taught to do almost anything.

However, in order to develop these characteristics in the best possible way, it is important to give them the opportunity to take part in outdoor sports activities and their innate passion for the game.

If you are willing to satisfy him in these needs, the German shepherd will show you all his love and loyalty.

The German Shepherd is one of the best watchdogs in the world.

The German shepherd has been linked to sheep farming for centuries and is currently one of the most used dogs by law enforcement agencies to detect, for example, traces of drugs. His exceptional nose also allows him to find people missing due to avalanches and earthquakes.

This dog therefore proves to be one of the best breeds as a guard dog in the family.

They are, in fact, sweet and have a friendly attitude towards all members of their family.

Yes, almost certainly they cannot be so friendly and open towards strangers, but for people “at home”, they are companions that everyone would like to have.

German shepherds are healthy animals, who do not get very sick (if kept on a good diet).

German shepherds should be fed the healthiest possible diet.

In fact, it plays a very important role for the puppy: it must be well balanced, it must provide the right amount of calcium and, in theory, all German shepherds should have at least two meals a day.

If you take good care of your dog, then you can be sure that he will grow up in an absolutely healthy way.

The German Shepherd Loves Children

If the German shepherd is given the right training from an early age, he will love to play with the little ones too.

A correct training of puppies is, in fact, essential to make the relationships serene: it must be made not only of commands, but must be to acts of tenderness, love, respect and care towards your dog.

Also, make sure that you do not allow children to play with the German shepherd when he is eating and avoid leaving them alone with your dog if possible.

Disturbing and even dangerous accidents may occur, such as children falling to the ground or the dog being pulled by the tail (making him angry and reacting negatively).

A German Shepherd can easily adapt to any lifestyle.

The great ability of the German shepherd is to be able to adapt to new situations and different lifestyles.

The important thing is that he is allowed to enjoy fresh air, long walks, trekking and outdoor play. A life far from his natural habitat, if in the presence of these conditions, will please him and will not cause him any discomfort.

The German Shepherd needs 30 minutes of exercise to keep you healthy.

Taking a German shepherd can be a good reason to help yourself stay healthy too.

This breed requires, in fact, at least 30 minutes of daily exercise because, as we said before, German shepherds are very active specimens who love to walk and play.

If you’re a particularly lazy person with weight problems and you don’t like to lock yourself in a gym to exercise, adopting a German shepherd is a good alternative that, in addition to giving you a lot of love, will keep you constantly on the move, improving your physical fitness.

That’s great! Now, based on these assumptions, it’s time to adopt a German Shepherd puppy and give him a warm welcome to the family.

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