8 Tips To Defend Cats From The Heat

Summer has arrived and the thermometer, which for some days now, has exceeded 30 degrees daily, temperatures that put a strain on the endurance of many animals, including humans, reminds us well. But if we can defend ourselves thanks to sweat, a fan or air conditioning, our four-legged friends, instead, need our help to spend a quieter summer.

Cats, for example, suffer a lot from the heat, but we don’t have to worry, just pay attention to some daily tricks and follow the advice to defend your friends from the summer heat.

Defend Cats From The Heat: 8 Tips

Excessive temperature, especially when combined with high humidity, can seriously endanger the health of our pets. The most frequent pathologies are heatstroke and sunstroke, as pointed out by the Ministry of Health that, in a vademecum of 2013, collects some valuable advice to protect our health and that of our “extended family” during the summer.

Adjust The Hair

The cats that suffer the most from the heat are those with thick or long hair, for this reason we can relieve the annoyance of our four-legged friend by shortening the hair. However, it is important not to exaggerate, especially if the kitten has a light coat: in fact, in this case even the skin is more delicate and the risk of burns rises.

Wet Your Paws

Just as it is advisable to wet your wrists to lower body temperature, we can achieve the same degree of relief for cats by allowing them to keep their paws hydrated. In this way, through their fingertips, the cats can lower the temperature.

Controlling Correct Hydration

Also from this point of view, the role played by hydration to keep the body healthy even in summer is similar in humans and cats. Your vet’s advice is to make sure your cat has access to fresh (and not cold) water, preferably running water because it stays cleaner and less stagnant.

Prefer A Fresh Diet

To help our cat to cope with the heat we may prefer wet and not dry food. In addition, there are those who recommend preparing small pussycat-shaped popsicles, for example, with meat broth or water and fruit, placed in small containers of the size suitable for the cat’s mouth.

Avoid Air Conditioning

Keeping our cat in air-conditioned places for too long increases the risk that the cat will get sick and catch a cold. It is better to use a fan, oriented upwards, which allows you to move the air without directly hitting the animal.

Shade The Environment

During the hottest hours of the day, your vet recommends keeping your cat in shaded areas, for example by keeping the shutters and blinds closed or lowered, without necessarily closing the windows. This keeps the room ventilated and prevents overheating.

Lifting The Kennel

An original solution to relieve the heat for our cat is to lift her kennel a few inches. In this way, on the one hand, the heat transmitted from the floor to the animal is reduced and on the other hand, even in a small space, the air turns more and keeps the space where the cat spends much cooler.

Do Not Leave Your Cat In The Car

It is essential to be careful not to leave our four-legged friend locked in the car, even for short periods of time, especially if he is hitting the sunrise. The risk is that of a heat stroke which, if not treated immediately, can have very serious consequences.

For any doubt, the main advice is always the same: consult your vet, a choice that becomes even more natural if we take out an insurance policy for our animal as Doctor Pet, designed precisely to protect the health of our four-legged friends. It includes a free visit in case of accident or illness, reduced prices in case of unforeseen events and a consultancy service to which you can also refer to supplement our advice on what to do to prevent our cat from suffering too much heat.

Tell us what are your solutions to protect pets in summer, remembering that we can also go on holiday with your cat, following our tricks.

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