Agility Dog: What It Is And How To Practice It

The expression agility-dog has become quite normal but not many people know what it actually means and what it understands.

It is a sport for dogs that improves their performance and strengthens their relationship with their owner.

Agility Dog: When And How To Start

The regulations of the FCI (International Dog Federation) clearly state that every breed of dog can practice agility-dog activities.

Of course, some breeds have a greater predisposition than others: take for example the truffle dog or the hunting dog. The basis of the discipline is obedience.

So the first thing to understand is how to educate the dog to obey, with pedigree or mestizo it is.

Usually from the fourth month onwards it is important to start playing with the dog at home, with the precise aim of educating him; the game must be led by the owner; the dog must be accustomed to respecting meal times without leaving the bowl always full.

The dog must be accustomed to leave the house with his owner, and not to come out if he meets strangers. Training is gradual, starting with a few minutes a day, and then increasing little by little.

Patience must be great, and getting angry is useless; the bonuses must also be deserved.

Can you also train an adult dog? Of course you can, even if it will be more difficult.

Agility Dog: The First Steps

The agility dog is an obstacle course that the dog must overcome without error and by executing his master’s commands to the letter.

From here you will see the dog-master understanding. The first steps in this activity include every skill test from slalom, show jumping, circle jump and tunnel jump, to a U-turn.

Usually, during competitions two obstacles are placed close together and it is up to the dog to choose which one and how to overcome them. The dog chooses but will do so according to the position his master will take.

If you would like to undertake this discipline for your dog and yourself, if you are a beginner, you should get yourself directed to a good dog training center. It is not difficult to find one in every city.

It is essential that the dog already has the fundamentals of obedience to the owner, it is the first thing to teach if you want to train your dog well.

Agility Dog: What Equipment Is Needed

The most important equipment to practice agility-dog is space; those who have a front garden have many advantages, because they will be able to place the equipment and teach their dog more easily.

The bottom where the dog is trained must be soft: it can be sand, rubber or lawn; absolutely forbidden to use a concrete or asphalt space: the dangers for the dog would be many.

To begin with, it is not necessary to equip oneself with expensive professional equipment: it is possible to start with “do-it-yourself” routes so as not to spend a fortune and to facilitate the dog’s task, which would be among familiar objects that would help to respond positively to commands.

When you want to teach your dog how to perform a slalom and a high jump, it is obvious that the size of the dog is the fundamental hinge (to understand this a setter cannot jump like a German shepherd).

To teach how to perform a slalom on the market you can find boards with guides that must be used in the first days of training, because they teach the dog which path and trajectory to follow.

They are very nice but also very expensive training kits, that’s why it is good to start with personally built obstacles and then move on to something more challenging and specific.

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