Dermatitis In The Dog And Cat: A Pair That We Want To Avoid

Does your dog or kitten suffer from rashes, weird spots and scabs? The causes are almost always related to poor nutrition.

For those who still believe in the quality of ready-to-eat food (kibble or wet food), the food on store shelves shining in colorful bags with your dog’s picture, you should know that they are manipulating you with well thought-out marketing.

Extruded food is the ruin of our dogs and cats: what you are advised and sold as balanced, healthy and suitable food for your puppy is nothing but junk food.

An industrial agglomerate that starts from poor quality materials derived from slaughter and not intended for humans (and this should already make you think).

This mixture then begins an extrusion process at high temperatures that completely eliminates the nutrients and vitamins of the compounds, particularly vitamin A which is thermolabile.

For this reason the big petfood companies of every brand (they are all the same) must add chemical additives and synthetic vitamins otherwise it would be like sawdust!

Often our dog friends develop diseases very similar to ours over time.

One of these is allergy, which in most cases is caused by food intolerance.

Allergic reactions caused by various foods can occur through:

  • dermatitis, skin rashes, spots, itchy scab;
  • gastrointestinal signs, dysentery and vomiting.

These are fortunately visible manifestations, so it’s easy to realise the malaise of your dog or cat.

It is more difficult to identify the specific food that causes the discomfort, especially in the case of skin signs, which can occur even hours or days after taking the food that causes the allergy.

Among the most allergenic foods are those rich in protein packaged in cans and kibble.

When our dog friends take canned meat of dubious origin, they are exposed to an allergenic risk!

For this reason, cutting-edge dog nutritionists adopt the home dog diet: because the food you give to your Fido is selected directly by you!

And since every good owner wants only the best for his little friend, the home dog diet is the healthiest solution ever.

If your dog has always eaten canned food and now has a dermatological problem… don’t worry!

Dogs respond positively to an elimination diet: it consists of gradually eliminating the food they usually eat until they find the allergenic one.

This is for sure the most immediate approach to be perpetuated, and it must be continued for a few weeks, so that we will have a sure answer in the long term, and we will evaluate with more attention all the changes in the health status of our Fido: at skin and gastrointestinal level.

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