How to give a pill to a cat

Even the healthiest cat needs to be given pills sometimes to get rid of the worms. If the cat gets sick, treatment can become a nightmare for the owner and the cat itself. Because cats hate pills. And it’s not a bad character, but a rather delicate oral cavity. Well, in character too.

When it comes to pills, most cats meet their owner fully armed.

There are several ways to give a pill to your cat with a cat pill popper while preserving your cat’s health and nerves.

Do I have to give a pill to a cat?

First of all, ask your veterinarian if it is necessary at all to give the cat a pill in “pure” form. Here is a list of questions for which the cat will be grateful to you:

  1. Can i mix the tablet with food?
  2. Is it possible to dissolve a tablet in water
  3. Is it possible to grind a pill into powder

If the vet says yes, you’re in luck. Otherwise, get ready for a difficult test, because some drugs cannot be mixed with food or water. You have to get the cat to swallow the pill and not spit it out.

How to give your cat a pill

It is not enough just to put a pill in a cat’s mouth. The tablet must be pushed as deeply as possible. It is advisable to put it on the root of the tongue, slightly on the side. In this position, the cat is more likely to swallow the medication. If you just put the pill in the mouth, the cat will immediately spit it out. If your cat won’t swallow the pill, stroke her neck from top to bottom. This will trigger the swallowing reflex.

After taking the pill, the cat will certainly not drink it. A regular syringe without a needle will help you here. Place it on the cat’s cheek at the base of the jaw, no need to push it between the teeth. Inject some water and the cat will swallow it by itself. By the way, this is a good way to give the cat a soluble suspension.

Three ways to give your cat a pill

Let’s get down to practice. There are few conscious cats in the world who will agree to take medications. Cats have a great sense of smell, so hiding the medicine in food most likely will not work. But it’s still worth a try. If it doesn’t work out, we go to the trick.

  1. Replace the tablet with drops or solution. Ask your veterinarian about this. If it is impossible to replace the tablet with liquid analogs, we proceed to the second method.
  2. Grind the tablet into powder and mix it with a little sour cream. Now take the cat on your lap so that it doesn’t run away, and spread the mixture on its nose. Try to make small strokes for the cat to lick quickly.
  3. Place the cat on your lap or table. With one hand, press on the base of the jaw, and with the other hand, quickly push the tablet into the opened mouth.

The secret is to act confidently without pushing the cat. As soon as the pet realizes that they are trying to force him to do something, the resistance will increase greatly. Sometimes it is advised to wrap the cat in a blanket to give the pill, but this is a rather dangerous method for you and the cat. The cat will start to pull out and twitch in its diaper, and you can get its claws.

How to protect your hands

The main difficulty is to push the pill deeper. It is worth hesitating, and the cat will easily bite your finger, his teeth are quite suitable for this. An introducer will help you here. This is a small “syringe” for pills that helps you quickly place the pill at the very base of your tongue. So the cat will be forced to swallow it.

Giving your cat a pill once is not that difficult. Problems begin when treatment requires constant medication. In this case, veterinarians can be trusted to take care of the cat. In our clinic, there is a 24-hour hospital, where doctors constantly look after the pet. The hospital helps the animal to recover from surgery and to take all prescribed medications on time.

Be healthy!

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