Incredible Stories Of Heroic Australian Shepherds

The Australian Shepherd is a much loved breed because it shows a sweet character, perfect for children and ideal for the company of adults. Article by

His coat, his sweet look and his proud character have made him the protagonist of the Agility races and of the most important collaborations with humans.

As we read in DIY in the Garden, the Australian shepherd is a pet able to perform spectacular saves in water and snow.

So here are the most incredible stories about this beautiful dog breed that have fascinated people and travelled around the world.

Spirit, The Hero Of The Morandi Bridge

On August 14, 2018, precisely at 11.35 a.m., the central motorway section of Ponte Morandi in Genoa collapsed ruinously, taking with it all the cars that passed over it and destroying everything underneath.

Many people spoke of “Eleven Italian September” because it was a tragedy to which no one can still give a logical explanation. The images went around the world and created a collective shock from which we still cannot recover.

It was on that occasion that everyone tried to make a contribution to move the rubble quickly and try to save as many lives as possible.

Unfortunately, forty-three people lost their lives and who knows how many would have been lost if rescue had not been so diligent.

Night Spirit, a wonderful eight-year-old Australian shepherd, who is still a collaborator of the Genoa Police Headquarters, also took part in the rescue.

The local agents all agree that without Night Spirit there would have been many more victims.

For this very reason he was awarded the Dog Loyalty Prize, an event that will be repeated every year to celebrate the extraordinary help that four-legged friends can give to humans.

Sky conquers the four thousand metres on the Breithorn.

Sky is a wonderful Australian shepherd who is now just over two years old. His incredible supremacy is thrilling because together with his master he reached, at only ten months, the summit of the Breithorn in Valle D’Aosta.

As Michele Masotto, the owner, explains, Sky has always loved snow. This passion of his is due to the mountain exits together with his master, who has been doing it since he took his first steps.

This passion led to the idea of taking him on a hike, as the owner is part of a helicopter rescue team.

Sky has learned and is learning the secrets of the mountain and has proven to be completely at ease at high altitude.

We’re sure we’ll see him on incredible missions at high altitude as he’s proven to be prepared as a skilled mountain guide.

Secret, The Shepherd Lover Of Human Games

The last story we want to tell is less “serious” but still incredible and viral.

Fortunately there are many videos that testify to it, otherwise it would have been really hard to believe what we are about to tell.

Secret is an Australian shepherd who has travelled around the world on Instagram thanks to a very special talent of his: playing Jenga.

This game consists in removing wooden blocks from a tower with particular dexterity without collapsing the whole building.

Well, the mistress has managed to capture the delicacy of Secret in removing the blocks while they play a game of Jenga together.

The mistress was then interviewed by numerous magazines and newspapers claiming that Secret loves precision games and that she shows a very particular talent in Joga, drawing and playing drums.

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