Massages For Dogs: Relaxation Is A Must

Who doesn’t like massages that can relax?

Dogs like them too; the benefits of massages would also be good for their health and mood.

It’s no joke: a good master should learn to relax his four-legged companion with massages.

The benefit for the dog would be immediate: they would buy in peace and quiet, especially if they are young.

What Are The Benefits Of Massages For Dogs

The dog is the social animal par excellence: it loves company, play, interactions with human beings, especially with the owner to whom they become attached.

The dog needs to feel the physical contact with those he loves and for this reason a massage is a real blessing for him.

The benefit is physical, mental and emotional: the well-being is also of the owner who establishes a more personal contact with his dog.

Immediate improvements of massages for dogs:

  • improvement of circulation;
  • reduction of stress and anxiety;
  • constant control of health: allows you to notice pain or bumps;
  • strengthening the bond between dog and owner.

It depends on the health of the animal and its age; obviously the massage for the young dog is different from the one for an old dog who may suffer from arthritis.

Usually the massage starts from the dog’s abdomen, which remains one of his most sensitive points and which dogs like to be caressed and which relaxes them.

This is the best way to calm our dog, who will surely lie down on the ground, belly in the air.

The neck massage is also a pleasant thing for the dog: slow, circular movements will make him happy.

On the shoulders the movements of the fingers must be just as slow and circular, very gentle, without haste or the dog might get scared.

Chest and paws are the last stages: not all dogs like to have their paws touched, especially the fingertips which are very sensitive.

The massage should be done from top to bottom from chest to paws.

Massaging the back is a holy hand for the dog, imitating the movement made with the brush, without going against the hair.

And the icing on the cake is the head massage that dogs love; if you massage the back of the neck or the forehead the dog is happy, very happy (he could purr like a cat).

The head massage is also used as a gratification if you are trying to educate your dog: a scratch on the head as an encouragement for doing something well is a great incentive.

Knowing how to massage your dog is a great thing: it shows love, care, affection to your four-legged friend, at least as much as he shows his owner.

And remember, not only puppies need cuddling and massages, but also adult dogs to show that you love them.

And you give massages to your four-legged friends?

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