Pet Therapy: Where To Practice It In The Farmhouses

The practice of Pet Therapy is very widespread for healing and rehabilitation purposes: here is a list of 5 agritourism structures that offer the opportunity to practice and live this fantastic experience.

Pet Therapy is a sweet therapeutic practice that is based on the emotional bond that is established between man and an animal.

This type of therapy is becoming more and more successful in recent years, based on the positive results both in the curative and rehabilitative field.

Suitable both for the care of children and for the care of older people, who is interested in this type of practice can also test it in some agritourism structures on the Italian territory: here is a list of 5 structures where it is therefore possible to undergo Pet Therapy.

What does Pet Therapy consist of?

The denomination “Pet Therapy” has Anglo-Saxon origins and it was coined in 1964 by a child psychiatrist Boris M. Levinson: Pet Therapy is nothing else than the use of pets to cure or stem the course of some specific diseases.

In Italy this wording has been replaced with the more appropriate term of “assisted interventions with animals”, which guarantees greater precision in distinguishing the various and different types of approach.

The Pet Therapy already some time ago was recognized by many populations as a practice with enormous therapeutic powers on people suffering from serious diseases.

This positive experience is also recommended for people who bark too much, obviously accompanied by quieter dogs that can relax and guide them on this path.

The idea of using pets in order to improve the conditions of convalescents by ensuring an increase in their daily quality of life is due to the simple observation of the positive effects of the interaction between animals and patients on the latter.

In fact, it has been found that the proximity and interaction with a dog or cat has produced clinical benefits not linked to the use of drugs or other conventional medical therapies.

Pet Therapy On A Farm: What Facilities Do They Offer?

This type of therapy is very widespread in Italy and is having more and more success considering the positive results it is guaranteeing, so here are 5 agritourism structures where you can practice Pet Therapy.

The agriturismo il Biancospino is located in the territory of Oltrepo’ Pavese.

This structure offers courses of Pet Therapy both with medium or big dogs like the Labrador or the Bovaro del Bernese under the supervision of specialized personnel.

The activity in question is reserved not only for children but also for adults, so they can enjoy a wonderful experience in direct and close contact with nature.

The second structure that we indicate is the Agriturismo Il Pascolo.

This structure is located on the slopes of the Biella Prealps offering not only a unique natural setting but also training courses for schools and a successful Pet Therapy service useful for both children and adults.

Another structure specialized in Pet Therapy is the Agriturismo Gli Angeli which rises on the hill of Cenesi.

This structure offers a unique and unforgettable experience in the educational farm guaranteeing a pleasant stay for families especially with small children.

The Agriturismo Lungaserra in Piedmont is located in the province of Cuneo and in addition to being a normal agriturismo it is also a social farm.

The Pet Therapy in this structure is practiced with “unconventional” animals or donkeys all under the supervision of specialized personnel.

The last structure that we will take into consideration is the Agriturismo il Podere Lecceta in Tuscany.

In this structure it is possible to carry out paths of Pet Therapy that are organized and promoted by an association specialized in this type of practice.

In addition we offer training courses for those who want to approach this fantastic world.

This type of therapy is suitable for elderly people, chronically ill people such as people suffering from myotonic diseases and disabled people.

This therapeutic practice has also proved to be effective in helping children suffering from autism or depressed by their psychological isolation and also in case of long hospitalizations or hospitalizations helps to fight depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Moreover, as a gentle therapeutic practice to be carried out in support of traditional therapies, pet therapy is useful for patients affected by: learning and attention disorders, psychomotor disorders, anxious and depressive neurosis, Down syndrome, West syndrome, autism, senile dementia, psychotic disorders and multiple sclerosis.

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